Patching Faulty EDID Information

Some computer monitors either do not provide correct EDID, or no EDID at all. An example monitor is LG E2340T. In this case you can provide a hand-crafted EDID file in xorg.conf. For setting the correct screen resolution in the EDID file you can either use a hex-editor, or use below short C program.

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Simple Exercises for a C Programming Language Course

I sometimes teach a C programming language course. I use the following simple exercises for the students to solve on their own. Most solutions are no longer than 10-20 lines of C code.

  1. Exercising simple loop and printf(): Print a table of square root values for arguments 1 to 30.
  2. Exercising printf(), scanf(), arrays, if-statement, flag-handling: Read a list of numbers into an array, and then sort the array with Bubblesort.
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Announcement: Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics, July 2014

This workshop is planned for 14-15 July 2014 in Jena, Germany.

The workshop is organized by Bernd Brügmann (University Jena), Xing Cai (Simula and University Oslo), Gundolf Haase (University Graz), and Gerhard Zumbusch (Chair, University Jena).

The last workshop from 2011 had two high-profile speakers regarding CUDA technology: Dr. Timo Stich and Vasily Volkov. The 2014 workshop features Dr. Stich, Dr. Karl Rupp, Hans Pabst (Intel), and others.

Addendum 06-Aug-2014: See my notes taken at the workshop in

  1. Day 1, Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics
  2. Day 2, Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics