Aggressive Vodafone Router

Vodafone router does not allow to turn off firewall permanently. It will insist on switching it on after 24 hours.

Version of this router in question:

Firmware version:
Productname:               Vodafone Docsis 3.1

This “Made in China” router using Linux 3.12.59 from 2010, is teaching the “expert user”. You have to get “expert user” if you want to switch off firewall. As of the time of writing, stable Linux kernel version is 5.5.6, longterm 5.4.22, earliest is 3.16.82. It is also using old versions of openssl and iptables.

Apparently the creators of this router never thought of any user employing Linux and iptables, or something similar.

Luckily, the router allows to forward a range of ports, thereby effectively bypassing the firewall.

See Home Router Security Report 2020 for an assessment of home-routers.

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Contribution to scientific publications in GPUGrid

Looking at my account page in GPUGrid I notice that my computations have lead to some publications. Nice.
3063rd/3113Giorgino et al, J. Chem. Theory Comput, 2012cancer
3389th/5798Sadiq et al, PNAS 2012hiv
1801st/1995Venken et al, JCTC 2013hiv
1886th/3349Buch et al, JCIM 2013cancer
3741st/4477Pérez-Hernández et al, JCP 2013methods
564th/2163Bisignano et al. JCIM 2014methods
369th/1283Doerr et al. JCTC 2014methods
573rd/2838Stanley et al, Nat Commun 2014cancer
1453rd/3611Ferruz et al., JCIM 2015methods
1313th/4128Ferruz et al., Sci Rep 2016brain
3083rd/4815Stanley et al., Sci Rep 2016cancer
4319th/4730Noe et al., Nat Chem 2017methods
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