Lexware Financial Office Pro 2015 does not work with wine

Today I received a free copy of a student-version of Lexware Financial Office Pro 2015 including a license key. Lexware is a financial accounting software which is easy to use and quite well suited for small German enterprises. I installed wine 1.6.2 on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, which consumed almost half a Gigabyte of hard-disk. Then I tried to install Lexware. This simply didn’t work. Searching in Google and winhq.org delivered similar results. So, in short, if you want or need to install Lexware on Linux, just forget it.

The Cost of Installing wine

German tax laws requires you to issue a tax declaration if you earn more than a certain threshold or own a company. To create this tax declaration you needed the so called Elster-Software which only runs under Microsoft Windows. Luckily there now seems to be a web-form for doing the same thing.

The following packages need to be installed if one wants or needs wine:
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Number of Combinations for German Tax Id

I was asked by a colleague of mine how many combinations are possible for the German tax id. The German tax id is built entirely from eleven digits. Its specification is given in Pruefziffernberechnung, see Steueridentifikationsnummer in the German Wikipedia. Every person reported to live in Germany is assigned one tax id, even babies and children. 20 years after the death of a person the number can be recycled.

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