WordPress/Automattic: Monthly Unique Visits and Employees, Part 2

Last year I copied the employee and visit count of WordPress and posted this here. Now one year later the situation is still similar. The data is again from Work With Us.

Company Name Monthly Uniques (US) Employees
Google.com 204M 52,069
Facebook.com 135M 7,185
WordPress.com 131M 283
eBay.com 115M 33,500
Yahoo.com 89M 12,200
Twitter 87M 3,300
Amazon.com 79M 132,600

It is still astounding that WordPress clearly sticks out to have that many visitors with so few employees. Add to this that all employees are working from home, see “The New Digital Company: Distributed, Online, and Transparent”, which I reblogged.

Google Earth Used to Reunite Australian Boy With His Indian Mother

Saroo Brierley used Google Earth to find his lost mother in India after more than 25 years of separation. When Saroo was 5 years old he wrongly took a train to Calcutta near from his home-town which was more than 1,500 km away. In Calcutta he was adopted by an Australian couple. It is amazing what can be found out by technology like Google Earth in the hands of ordinary people. Saroo Brierley spent hours looking at satellite imagery.

Saroo Brierley wrote a book “A Long Way Home” on this which unfortunately is not directly available in Germany.
Saroo Brierley

Google used this story for an advertisement of Google Earth.

Saroo Brierley also held a speech at Google Zeitgeist Americas 2013.

A good summary can be found in Huffington Post.

Clearing Cookie Junk in Google Chrome Web Browser

From time to time I check what I have collected as cookies in my browser and I spot web sites which I probably have never visited directly but somehow set cookies. Instead of deleting them individually I now use sqlite3 to do this.

cd ~/.config/google-chrome/Default
sqlite3 Cookies "delete from cookies
    where host_key not like '%google%'
    and host_key not like '%delicious%'
    and host_key not like '%facebook%'
    and host_key not like '%wordpress%'
    and host_key not like '%tumblr.com'
    and host_key not like '%github%'
    and host_key not like '%youtube%'
    and host_key not like '%wikipedia%'
    and host_key not like '%twitter%' ;"

This leaves the “good” cookies intact but removes the junk.

Deleting “local storage” is even simpler.

cd "~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Local Storage"
rm ...

Patrick Pichette on Google Fiber

Google CFO, Patrick Pichette, on the evolution of

  1. computing power
  2. storage capacity
  3. network bandwith

He shows the following remarkable slide on the disparity of the latter to the former. It was this disparity which apparently led Google to enter the broadband market with its own infrastructure.

This speech was held in Kansas, 2012. The full speech is in below YouTube video.

WordPress/Automattic: Monthly Unique Visits and Employees

Below table is from work-with-us (data as of 22-Sep-2013): One of these things is not like the other.

Company Name Monthly Uniques (US) Employees
Google.com 195M 53,861
Facebook.com 142M 4,619
WordPress.com 122M 195
eBay.com 84M 31,500
Amazon.com 79M 88,400
Yahoo.com 70M 11,700
AOL.com 35M 5,660