Effect of Optimizer in gcc on Intel/AMD and Power8

What effect can the optimizer have for gcc?

On Intel/AMD I ran my intpoly program (with -n0) once with and once without optimizer. It showed a speed-up of about 3.

  1. no optimizer: 7.84s
  2. -O3: 2.25s

gcc for Intel/AMD is version 4.8.2.

On Power8 I again ran intpoly (with -n0). The factor is more than 8 (eight).
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WordPress/Automattic: Monthly Unique Visits and Employees, Part 2

Last year I copied the employee and visit count of WordPress and posted this here. Now one year later the situation is still similar. The data is again from Work With Us.

Company Name Monthly Uniques (US) Employees
Google.com 204M 52,069
Facebook.com 135M 7,185
WordPress.com 131M 283
eBay.com 115M 33,500
Yahoo.com 89M 12,200
Twitter 87M 3,300
Amazon.com 79M 132,600

It is still astounding that WordPress clearly sticks out to have that many visitors with so few employees. Add to this that all employees are working from home, see “The New Digital Company: Distributed, Online, and Transparent”, which I reblogged.

Review of the OnePlus One Smartphone

End of August I bought the OnePlus One smartphone, henceforth called OnePlus. Previously I owned a Google Nexus 4 smartphone. My initial motive for a new smartphone was to have more storage in my phone. As I use my phone as a camera and do no longer use a “real” camera, lots of pictures end up on my phone. The Nexus 4 had 8 GB of memory. My new OnePlus has 64 GB of storage, although basically only 56 GB are left for the user.

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