Classical editor in

The new editor in is quite annoying. It is annoying because:

  1. list of categories do not show up
  2. edit area is smaller
  3. “copy a post” is missing
  4. “format” menu is now a drop-down

Unfortunately there is no option to switch back and forth between the annoying and the classical editor, you either have to go via the wp-admin area, or use below direct URLs. Also see Timethief‘s post Navigating the Classic WordPress.COM interface.

Here are the URLs to access the classical editor:

  1. edit post #123456:
  2. new post:

A similar annoyance is the new statistics page. I prefer the “old” statistics page which can be found in Every blog has a unique number, mine is 2434324.

Added 05-Nov-2017: The “old” statistics page unfortunately is no longer available.

Two Free Invites for the OnePlus One, #3

I have again two free invites to purchase a OnePlus One smartphone. Below are the codes:


The last two invites were just claimed, and were not actually used. This is really a waste of these invites, as there are a lot of people who really would like to purchase these smartphones. So this time, I just mention the codes, without actually given a link, which people can just click and then not do anything with the invite.

These are now expired.