Splitting Large Files on Microsoft Windows

After finishing my ABAP programming course I wanted to upload the Netweaver-trial software to Telekom media-center. Telekom media-center allows you to store up to 25 GB of data in the cloud. That’s more storage than offered by many USB sticks. Netweaver-trial software is about 3.5 GB, and media-center (or Windows) does not allow to upload more than 2 GB for a single file. On Linux this is no problem: Just use split, which is in coreutils. Continue reading

7-Day Week, 6-Day Week, 5-Day Week, Soviet Calendar

In the year 2010 I read Martin Varsavsky’s blog entry on The 6 Day Week by Carlos Varsavsky. In this post Martin Varsavsky states his father, born in 1933, proposed the 6-day week, i.e., work 4 days and rest 2 days. To cope for the reduced productivity, it is proposed to interleave the 6-day week for different groups of people in the country. Continue reading