Scheduling Cron Jobs on Business Days

I found a marvelous way to run jobs on certain business days via cron. The solution was depicted in Scheduling Cron Jobs on Business Days and it was written by a user named rdcwayx. The idea is to use the output of cal and some Awk or Perl string-trickery.

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Working with System V IPC queues in Perl and PHP

In continuation of Working with System V IPC queues a month ago this post will show how to access IPC queues with Perl and PHP. A typical scenario is that a web application wants an external application to process data coming from the web application. In that scenario a lot of messages/tasks from the web application can be queued up in an IPC queue for succesive processing by another program independent from the web application and possibly with more access rights.

For using System V queues in PHP you have to make sure that PHP has been compiled with POSIX support. With Red Hat you need php-process, in Ubuntu it is present by default.

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