Announcement: 11th International Conference on Parallel Programming and Applied Mathematics

The conference will start in September 6-9, 2015, Krakow, Poland.

Parallel Programming and Applied Mathematics, PPAM for short, is a biennial conference started in 1994, with the proceedings published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences series, see PPAM. It is sponsored by IBM, Intel, Springer, AMD, RogueWave, and HP. The last conference had a fee of 420 EUR.

It is held in conjunction with 6th Workshop on Language based Parallel Programming.

Prominent speakers are:

The following workshops are planned:

  • Minisymposium on GPU Computing
  • Workshop on Numerical Algorithms on Hybrid Architectures
  • Workshop on Models, Algorithms and Methodologies for Hierarchical Parallelism in New HPC Systems
  • WS on Power and Energy Aspects of Computation
  • Workshop on Scheduling for Parallel Computing
  • Workshop on Language-Based Parallel Programming Models
  • Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Parallel Applications on Large-Scale Systems
  • Workshop on Parallel Computational Biology
  • Workshop on Applications of Parallel Computation in Industry and Engineering
  • Minisymposium of HPC Applications in Physical Science
  • Minisymposium on Applied High Performance Numerical Algorithms in PDEs
  • Minisymposium on High Performance Computing Interval Methods
  • Workshop on Complex Collective Systems
  • Special Session on Efficient Algorithms for Problems with Matrix and Tensor Decompositions

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