Microsoft Brought Down With Federal Court Order

Microsoft brought down and many other domains with a court order. Here is the text from No-IP’s Formal Statement on Microsoft Takedown:

We want to update all our loyal customers about the service outages that many of you are experiencing today. It is not a technical issue. This morning, Microsoft served a federal court order and seized 22 of our most commonly used domains because they claimed that some of the subdomains have been abused by creators of malware. We were very surprised by this. We have a long history of proactively working with other companies when cases of alleged malicious activity have been reported to us. Unfortunately, Microsoft never contacted us or asked us to block any subdomains, even though we have an open line of communication with Microsoft corporate executives.

I am a long time user of and found their service very valuable. Apparently Microsoft wants to annoy not only those poor guys who have to use Microsoft products, but also those who want a presence in the internet. This reminds me of the following funny advertisement poking on Microsoft.

Now even the whole web-site of or is completely down, confirmed by websitedown: Is this website down for everyone or just for me.

Addendum 03-Jul-2014: After two days of spoiling Microsoft had enough and released my domain. It is time to look for alternatives which do not fall under US jurisdiction.

Addendum 11-Jul-2014: No-IP posted some explanation here: Details on Microsoft Takeover. EFF also has a detailed description of Microsoft’s failure: What Were They Thinking? Microsoft Seizes, Returns Majority of’s Business.

Addendum 21-Feb-2018: is now

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