Hash functions: An empirical comparison — article by Peter Kankowski

Peter Kankowski wrote a very interesting article on hashing functions. It compares a number of current hash functions and conducts some performance benchmarks.

  1. iSCSI CRC
  2. Meiyan
  3. Murmur2
  4. XXHfast32
  5. SBox (dead link: http://home.comcast.net/~bretm/hash/10.html)
  6. Larson
  7. XXHstrong32
  8. Sedgewick
  9. Novak unrolled
  10. CRC-32
  11. Murmur3
  12. x65599
  13. FNV (Fowler–Noll–Vo) hash
  14. Murmur2A
  15. Fletcher
  16. Kernighan & Ritchie
  17. Paul Hsieh
  18. Bernstein
  19. x17 unrolled
  20. lookup3
  21. MaPrime2c
  22. Ramakrishna
  23. One At Time
  24. Arash Partow
  25. Weinberger
  26. Hanson

A more complicated algorithm does not necessarily mean better performance. So the classical Kernighan & Ritchie hash still performs quite well.


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